Must the camera have to be used with a computer?

Yes, the camera device is a USB 3.0 device and is powered from the computer. Software on the PC controls and drives how the camera functions and displays the live video.

We will be pleased to provide suitable computer information on request.

Does the camera have auto focus?

Autofocus is unecessary and would not make the device more effective. The focus distance is set by the contact dome on the camera. Contact with the nailfold under inspection makes gives a more steady image. Small adjustment can be made using the lens focus ring but generally the user learns to instinctively alter the pressure and angle of the camera to make small focus adjustments.

Does the camera and lens require any regular maintenance?

There is no regular servicing or maintenance required but adhering to recommended cleaning and handling will ensure long trouble free life of the equipment.

We will be pleased to provide the Care Guide on request.

How do I sterilise the equipment?

Water based anti-bacterial cleaners can be used on all parts including the contact dome. Please refer to the provided Instructions manual, where you can find cleaning instructions.

We will be pleased to provide the Care Guide on request.

Are there any spare parts?

Replacement contact domes are available: With correct care these should last more than 2 years.

We will be pleased to provide additional information on request.

What type of immersion oil is recommended?

Inspectis supplies specially selected vegetable oil and has replacement bottles available.

Please contact us for additional information.


What lens magnification is normally used for Capillaroscopy?

Inspectis make a variety of lenses with different magnifications but the most commonly used is the x200. This provides a good level of magnification and has been adopted as a standard in many studies worldwide making it easier to compare results.

We will be pleased to provide additional information on request.

What lenses are available for Capillaroscopy?

Currently we have capillaroscopy lenses for x100, x200 and x300 and a 15x- 45x lens with polarizer suitable for dermatological applications.

Please contact us for additional information.

The Capillaroscope camera lens has LED lighting; what is the lifetime for the lighting unit?

Inspectis uses the latest LED technical design and manufacture so lifetime is in excess of 50000 hrs.

All Inspectis products have limited Warranty of 2 years. Please ask for details.

Is a zoom lens available?

No, it is not recommended to use a lens with variable magnificationa as this would make calibration unecessarilly complicated. Using a constant value ensures that all pictures are taken with the same magnification making comparisson much easier.

How do I clean the contact dome?

To clean oil from the dome unscrew and use warm soapy water to clean.

We will be pleased to provide the Care Guide on request.


What computer do I need to run Inspectis software?

A little depends on the type of camera being used but generally most Intel Pentium i5 equipped Windows 10 PCs are likely to be suitable.

Please contact us for additional information.

How do I keep my Inspectis software updated?

Purchase of Inspectis software includes 1 year full support and updates. Licensed and registered users will be informed by email of any new release duri;g that period. To maintain your system to maximum performance beyond 1 year we offer extended support contracts.

Please contact us for additional information.

What is the format and file size of captures images?

Inspectis software offers the choice of carefully configured JPG or uncompressed PNG. Select before using in the preferences.

Please refer to the user manual or contact us for assistance.

Does Inspectis software run on a MacOS Computer?

No, the computer requires Windows OS.

We will be pleased to provide suitable computer information on request.

Is calibration needed?

The computer software is pre calibrated for use with the Inspectis lenses so only selection of the magnification being used is needed. The set the value is remembered for future sessions unless changed.

Please contact us for additional information.

What are the advantages of using the Pro software version with database?

The database is used to maintain a patient examination record and makes it very easy to track progress and recall and compare pictures from previous examination dates.

Please contact us for additional information.

Can I have more than one database?

Pro version allows you to create and manage multiple data bases that may be used to record different cohorts.

How secure is the data base?

We use an encrypted data base that is also locked by an external USB electronic key. The data can only be accessed when the computer has the key inserted.

How can I export information?

In the Pro version you can create a detailed examination report that is saved as a secure PDF. If Microsoft Outlook is the report can be emailed directly from the program. If Microscoft Excel is installed data tables can be exported as Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Please contact us for additional information.